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Take time to review the terms and conditions of your service, found on our customer care section of the website. This section gives a rundown of various service-related detail items as covered in your service contract and our tariff.
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You are now able to manage your account online! This includes checking your balance, viewing payment history, and making online payments. It's all part of our newly enhanced customer care section of the site. Give it a try by clicking the link below.
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Did you know that, as a public uility, Ohio Wastewater is regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio on matters of tariff policy, service territory, and customer protection? Find out more about the PUCO by visiting puco.ohio.gov.
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Payment Terms

A non-payment penalty of five percent (5%) of the monthly charge will be due after the due date shown on the bill (typically the 15th of the month). It is your responsibility to ensure that your payment arrives by the due date. Late penalties are processed on the day after the due date and will only be adjusted in the event of an extraordinary circumstance.

Credit Card payments can be made at any time through our online portal. If you choose to pay with Credit Card, a 3% Convenience Fee will be added to your total. We also offer an ACH Bank Draft service free of charge.

Ohio Wastewater reserves the right to disconnect service if payment is not received within 14 days of the written notice of delinquent status. Delinquent customers will be notified via Certified Mail of the time they have to settle their account before they risk disconnection. No service shall be reconnected if discontinued for non-payment (or any other valid reason) until all charges have been paid, including reconnection fees. The reconnection fee is $95.

Service under any application may be discontinued for the following reasons:

1.  For tampering with any collection main, service line, or appliance under the control of, or belonging to the Company
2.  For any other violation or failure to comply with the regulations of the Company which may in the opinion of the Company or any public authority, create an emergency situation.
3.  For the discharge of any type of sewage not stated in the application
4.  For the use of service upon any premises not stated in the application
5.  The non-payment of any tariffed charges when due or within any additional period for payment permitted by the Company or for not making a deposit as required.
6.  For any violation of or failure to comply with the regulations of the Company other than those identified in Nos. 1-4 above
7.  For misrepresentation in the application as to any material fact.
8.  For violation of federal, state, or local laws or ordinances where such violation affects the provision of utility service by the Company.

A check returned by the bank will incur a fee of $35.00.

Pretreatment Requirements

For all sewage connections the Utility reserves the right to require any non-residential user to provide special pre-treatment for any high strength effluent before discharge into its sewage system. The Utility may, upon the basis of recognized engineering standards and treatment costs, increase the rate charged to cover the cost of treatment of high strength effluent or industrial waste, and may impose recognized engineering standards as to the maximum size of solids and constituents in such waste discharged into its sewage system.

System Abuse

If excessive volumes of sewage are received, the Utility may require the Customer to monitor flow volume and increase surge holding capacity at the Customer's expense. All customers are required to review the Do's and Don'ts list for an Effluent collection system, supplied to them by the Utility. These requirements prohibit the flushing of any toxic chemicals that kill tank bacteria, and disposal of an excessive amount of grease, pet hair, or non-biodegradeable products, among other things.

Terms of Service

The Utility shall maintain all tanks, control systems and service lines required to provide sewer service on the Customer's premises. As a condition of receiving service, the property owner must grant an easement to the Utility for maintenance of the sewer system components on the premises. The Utility's responsibility for maintenance begins at the point of entry to the tank via the inlet tee. The building plumbing and Building Outfall Line are the responsibility of and shall be maintained by the Customer.

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